Welcome to Vikas Sales Corporation

VIKAS SALES CORPORATION – Solar Technology Born out of Passion

Cooperating successfully with our customers and the sun for the last 5 years, we have been solar pioneers from the very beginning.

As supplier of solar installations and ecological energy technology we deliver holistic solutions of sustainable energy production. Our 20 employees put their hearts into this. Our portfolio of solar systems equally meets the requirements of private users, public facilities and commercial operators.

Solar energy from one supplier

We offer complete solar heating, solar power and solar power storage systems and knowhow. In the solar heating segment we are a leading flat plate collector producer.

We trade Nationally

Thanks to our national distribution partners we deliver our products for you across India.

Our extensive product range

  • Solar power
  • Solar heating technologies
  • Services

Confirmed by many awards

Many competitive test wins and awards, we´ve received over the course of the years, proving our commitment - evidence that uncompromising dedication to product quality rewards all concerned.

We are in dense partner networks

Our systems and service delivery are closely coordinated. We work with a dense network of selected solar craft partners and specialized installers.

We work reliably

From the first consultation of our customers to dispatch, we focus on precise, customer-oriented outcomes. We regard smooth cooperation as one of the arbiters of quality.

We drive solar progress

As pioneers we drive solar progress with our own development division. Our ideas and patents have shaped the solar energy industry for many years.