About Us

"Our company is characterized by special principles once regarded as unusual but now being adopted by many modern enterprises."


  • Our company belongs to us.
  • We behave self-confidently to each other and to the outside.

Fair, honest and trusting

  • Honesty and fair dealings with each other build trust.
  • Trust gives strength to face new challenges and master them expediently.

Customer- and market-oriented

  • We value close relations with our customers and partners and take their wishes seriously.
  • We observe our markets constantly and make our decisions accordingly.
  • We grow sustainably and controlled.
  • We offer high-end products, preferably in the premium segment.

Obliging and consistent

  • We communicate purposefully.
  • Democratic decisions are respected and implemented.
  • Wrongdoing has consequences.
  • Mistakes are opportunities we learn from.

Ethical and socially-minded

  • Solidarity, communal spirit and social justice are among our basic values.
  • We are authentic and ecologically minded.
  • Our wage differentials are small.
  • We look out for each other’s wellbeing and the wellbeing of people outside. We have social and environmental standards for products and suppliers.

Appreciative and tolerant

  • We treat each other respectfully because every person is valuable.
  • We accept that every person is different.

Responsible and transparent

  • Individual responsibility and a broad codetermination right are characteristic of our company culture.
  • We elect our managerial staff.
  • We deal openly with company information.
  • Every one of us thinks and acts like an entrepreneur.
  • We are keen to succeed, but not at any cost.


  • We want work to be enjoyable. People feel a need to do good work and to be appreciated for it.
  • We combine a secure job with enough time for private matters and the family, and enough pay to make ends meet worry-free.


  • We make decisions as decentralized as possible.
  • That enables us to handle changes flexibly.
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