VIKAS SOLAR WATER HEATERS are our presentation to the customer of every walk of life. Models are designed to suit every household in this country. Economy models begin from as low as 12000/- for a 100 LPD Heater and there are variants in every category with our Premium models at close to 26000/-for a 100 LPD Heater. VIKAS solar water heaters are available in capacity ranging from 100 Litres to 5000 Litres. Our Larger capacity commercial installations are a testimony to the uses and benefits of our solar water heaters in the Indian market. Quality and endurance make our VIKAS solar water heaters trouble free and profitable in the long run.


A few unique features of Vikas Solar Systems

  1. Vikas Solar systems carry the Vikas Solar stamp of Quality and comes with a peace of mind service from our team of quality technicians.
  2. Superior quality selective coatings to Collector fins. This is rated as best in India with efficiency of selective coating being at 78% peak. Further the efficiency is consistent over a wide range of input & output temperatures.
  3. Safety against galvanic corrosion with a provision of sacrificial Anode for galvanic corrosion
  4. Quality stainless steel AISI 304 grade is being used on Vikas Solar systems with seams being ‘TIG’ welded and ends reinforced to avoid pressure bulges.
  5. Solar collectors have superior coating of black chrome on the copper absorber plate which provides high stability to UV radiation
  6. 100% non corrosive components in the solar collectors increasing the life of the system.
  7. Vikas Solar offers .22 SWG aluminum cover for the insulatation instead of normal 24 or 26 swg sheets.
  8. The absorber fins (which are the critical parts of the systems) are carefully examined and virtually go through minute by minute checks for discolouration.
  9. Quality Rock wool slabs or PUF are used for the purpose of insulation of the tank solar collector and system pipeline. A density of 48kg/m3 with thermal conductivity of .0.029% w / Deg. K is always maintained.
  10. Quality hardware and powder coating on solar panels boxes gives aesthetically a good look whilst ensuring long life.
  11. Vikas Solar Pressure pump compatible solar water heaters are tested upto 5 Kgf/cm2 with constant working pressure of upto 3.5 Kg / cm2

Quite importantly, it is our stringent Quality standards, Quality procedures and Quality processes which ensures delivery of Quality products. These Quality products come with Vikas Solar high quality service.


Solar Water Heater Specification
Solar Images Vikas Solar ‘Standard’

Stainless steel tank with rock wool Insulation and Aluminium powder Coated cladding.
Solar Images Vikas Solar ‘Delux’

Stainless steel tank with rock wool insulation and stainless steel cladding.
Solar Images Vikas Solar ‘Premium’

Stainless steel tank with puf insulation and stainless steel cladding.
Solar Images Vikas Solar ‘ETC’

Stainless steel tank with puf insulation. Stainless steel cladding. Stainless steel Manifold with evacuated borosilicate Tubes.



Domestic : From 100 Lpd (Litres per day) to 500 Lpd (Litres per day)
Non Domestic : From 600 Lpd (Litres per day) to 10,000 Lpd


VIKAS SOLAR POWER Sy is a prominent manufacturer of highly reliable solar equipment. Our range of equipment includes Solar Lights, Street Lights, Lanterns, Home Light Systems, Power pack, Solar L.E.D. Systems, Solar Signals, Blinkers, etc. All the products are completely environment friendly and highly efficient. The solar equipment is gaining prominence in remote villages.
We manufacture the equipment in fully automatic units. Moreover, the equipment is in strict compliance with international standards. The solar equipment is manufactured from the best raw material, which is sourced from the most reliable vendors.

Solar Power System Specification
Solar Images Vikas Solar Street Lights have MNRE approved design and are available in dusk to dawn model. The Lights are equipped with long life tubular batteries, 11 watt cfl, 75 ah battery, 74 wp solar module and high efficiency controller circuit. Economy models are also available.
Solar Images Vikas Solar Home Light System is extremely suitable for village areas and cost less. These are high power led’s, available in 1 lamp, 2 lamp, 3 lamp & 4 lamp models. The Solar Home Light System is equipped with high efficiency drivers for LEDs and can be designed according to clients’ requirements.
Solar Images Vikas Solar LED Street Light is an economical product and can suit factory, farm houses, dairy farms, schools, colleges etc. The Solar LED Street Light is available in 6 watts and onwards. Moreover, Street Lights have a high efficiency circuit and led drivers for better illumination.
Solar Images  
Solar Images  
Solar Images  
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